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Skyler Jade

Skyler Jade has shared his talents with us, he has an incredible way of coping with his experiences...using Rap to express himself   Check out his music here  

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Research invitation

Hi,   My name is Natasha Goakes and I am a trainee Clinical Psychologist at Lancaster University.  I am doing some research on people’s experience of recovery from psychosis.  I have ethical...

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6th World Hearing Voices Congress

The 6th World Hearing Voices Congress will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, 10-12 of October 2014. The title refers to the Odyssey, Homer’s famous epic, where the Sirens lured Ulysses from...

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London Paranoia & Beliefs Support Gr…

A list of current paranoia and beliefs self support groups in the London area has been posted in our download section. Click here for downloads

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This book develops the understanding of recovery and aims to inspire professionals working with people with long-term mental health problems, their carers, and most importantly the service users themselves.

There are two parts of this book. The first considers the contribution people like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Florence Nightingale, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln have made to society and how they could be considered to be mental health recovery heroes and how their lives were shaped and in fact enhanced by their mental illnesses.

The second provides narratives from 15 contemporary recovery heroes who have lived experience of mental health problems. Each has contributed to our developing understanding of recovery and each has made a unique contribution to the field. This book aims to inspire readers by offering brief accounts of past and present recovery heroes.

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