Working through Paranoia & Making Sense of Unusual Beliefs

Workshop content will include:

• History of Paranoia
• What does Paranoia mean to you?
• The role of fear in Paranoia
• Identifying the links between trauma and belief systems?
• The three stages of Paranoia
• Using the three stages (Case studies)
• Triggers & Warning signs
• Working with unusual beliefs
• Decoding beliefs
• Understanding body state information that can trigger paranoia
• Case studies
• Personal experience of recovery

Workshop outcomes
On completion of this training, participants will be able to:
• Take a critical and thoughtful perspective on traditional ways of understanding paranoia & unusual beliefs
• Understand the potential pitfalls of the claims made from other therapies
• Take a respectful and ethical approach to the experience of paranoia & unusual beliefs
• Understand the potential connection between trauma and the experience
• Develop new ways of talking to and working with those that have these experiences

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