Do you want someone who can listen and understand you?Voice of Health
Voice of Health provides a safe place where you can share with your peers, talk one-on-one with someone that understands you and can help you develop strategies to self-manage your own mental well-being.

Voice of Health’s free app allows you to talk with trained Active Listeners, who can empathise, listen and relate to your lived experience. It combines accessibility to support with the importance of human connection when managing your mental well-being.

Browse through the community of Active Listeners, review each Listener’s profile information such as their bio, supporting areas and lived experience, to select the person that you believe can best empathise with you and form a supportive connection. Communicate with Active Listeners inside the app via messaging, voice or video calling (coming soon).

Voice of Health provides you with a space where your privacy and security are always top of mind in everything they do. You also have the option to chat as anonymously as you would like.

So who are the Active Listeners?

Active Listeners are there to provide personalised, empathetic and goal-orientated support when you need it. Active Listeners are your peers who have personal lived experience and can empathise with the challenges you face. They have also completed an Active Listening Training Course and each one has personally met with the Voice of Health team.

They are always looking for new Active Listeners to join their community. If you would like to become an Active Listener you can join through the mobile app or by heading directly to their training course here Voice of Health – Active Listening Training Course Voice of Health

You can download the app here Voice of Health – Peer Support App